I have published 12 articles, comprising 8 research articles (not including 2 submitted) and 5 technical productions (presented separately below). For up to date citation data, please visit my google scholar profile


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Technical Production

5. ACT Bush Blitz report- Reptile group (2019). Assistance in the fieldwork and report writing.

4. Empowering Latina scientists (2019). Letter for Science magazine (v.363, issue 6429) in support of empowerment of Latin American women scientists. [access here]

3. Redbook of the endangered Brazilian fauna – volume IV- Reptiles (2018). Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação e Biodiversidade. Assisted with analysis and report writing for all lizards and amphisbaenian species. [access here]

2. State of the Wet Tropics Report 2015-2016- Ancient, Endemic, Rare and Threatened Vertebrates of the Wet Tropics (2016). Presented for the Wet Tropics Management Authority. Assisted with analysis and report writing. [access here]

1. Levantamento da fauna da BR-135 (2013) Proposal: Assistance in the inventory of herpetofauna of some remnants of Cerrado on BR-135.